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Better than Liposuction. MesoTherapy and LipoMelt™ Reduce Cellulite, Breaks Down Fat Without the Pain & Risks of Surgery...

Infinity-Med-Spa's MesoTherapy equipment and exclusive LipoMelt procedure are approved as safe and effective by the US FDA so you can be sure it truly does work. When you choose Infinity Med Spa, we can firm and tighten your body safely and effectively, without the high costs and risks of surgery. Infinity's Accent XL Lipo Melt&trade is an FDA approved device and process which literally breaks down and dissolves fat, by assisting the body's own natural system to give you the smoother, more shapely, toned look that you deserve.

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This state-of-the-art procedure, known medically as MesoTherapy, has been widely used in Europe for over 30 years, and has been approved by the US FDA for years, so it is safe and effective. Every human's body already contains the same naturally occuring substances we use in this procedure. Yet, when specially applied in combination with our unique RF heating device, it causes localized areas of fat deposits to litterally dissolve. It's not science fiction - it is state-of-the art and it can work for you; just cotact us for your FREE, private consultation.

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How does Lipo Melt work?

The Lipo Melt procedure uses a formulation consisting of two naturally occurring chemicals, phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate, appled to the fatty areas. These chemicals act like detergents and have the ability to dissolve fat. Both these substance are normally secreted and stored in the gall bladder and help in the digestion of fat.

A radio frequency (RF) device is used to warm up the treatment area, then the fat dissolving substances go to work eliminating your fat. Our RF device has been approved by the FDA and tightens loose and lax skin as well as reduces cellulite.  The heat from the device stimulates the reorganization of collagen fibers which, over time, causes the skin to tighten. 

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